Warren Buffett, the worlds wealthiest investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has been in the game for over 80 years (since he was 11 in fact) and has had his fair share of winners over that period. Buffett managed to beat by the market by a substantial amount, his average annual return was around 20% and doing it over such a long period of time has earned him the nickname the Oracle of Omaha. Buffett has amassed a net worth of over $100 billion and we discuss his best investment below. 

Some Notable Mentions 

Buffetts biggest holdings in Berkshire include Apple, Coca Cola and Bank of America. All of which are very solid companies and have provided Buffett with very healthy returns, he’s bound to have had some other real winners right? 

Buffett invested in UPS in 2006 buying over 1 million shares for a hefty fee of over $100 million. Since Buffett first bought a stake in the firm the shares have returned over 320% to investors.

Buffett has mentioned Geico as being one of his best investments and it’s easy to see why, Buffett put half of his net worth in Geico when he was in business school and made a 50% return in the first year. Buffett sold Geico and it rose another 100 times over a 20 year period but Buffett got involved in Geico again with his holding company, Berkshire. Buffett bought the company and Geico is estimated to have increased over 10 times during that period. There’s also the added benefit of the insurance float, which we have discussed in more detail here

Buffetts Best Investment 

Buffett often mentions how he had a fear of public speaking when he was younger and knew that if he was going to be successful he would have to get over this fear. He attended a Dale Carnegie speaking course which he refers to as ‘the most important degree he has’ and he has even mentioned before that he doesn’t have his diplomas from University hanging on his wall and instead chooses to hang the Dale Carnegie graduation cert proudly. 

Buffett mentioned in an interview that it doesn’t matter what career path you take, whatever you do in life it requires the basic skill of public speaking to be successful and who can argue with Warren Buffett? He’s got a point though, when Warren Buffett talks you listen but it might not have always been this way. This just shows that investing in yourself is sometimes as important as.. well investing in investments? 

The opportunity cost of his best investment was $100 which mightn’t sound like a lot until you realise Buffett attended the course in 1952. That $100 dollars invested invested with Buffett like returns would be worth over $100 million today. I suppose that’s still a drop in the ocean for Buffett and he would probably tell you that the course was still worth it as he wouldn’t have been nearly as successful today without facing his fear of public speaking. 

Bottom Line 

Buffett has had some great investments with tremendous returns over the years but sometimes the best investments are when you invest in yourself. Buffett had a fear of public speaking which held him bad professionally, since he’s overcame this he’s went on to appear at speaking events hundreds of times and he believes it’s helped get him where he is today.

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